Comittee Members


  • ken

    Founder: Ken Marsh

    Some would say Ken is a LINK fanatic. He’s one of those people that you can tell always has new ideas cooking in his head. He has an insatiable appetite for progression and evolution. Along with LINKup2us, Ken owns P2 Promotional Products. He has an eye for detail, design and is full of passion for everything life has to offer.

  • gigi

    Social Media Manager: Gigi Valdez

    She loves Pitbulls. Seriously, she LOVES her dog, but she also loves people! She’s a heaping cup of amazing, half a cup of crazy, a shot of adrenalin and a tablespoon of sass. It’s a great little recipe that makes our Social Media smell and taste like mom’s chocolate chip cookies with a kick. Co-Owner / Two Wicked Geese

  • tony

    Social Media Manager: Tony Valdez

    The other half to our Social Media Power Team! He is our man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. He's darn good at boxing too! Tony can be as mellow as Bob Marley but has the disciplined as a prize fighter. While he’s fun to spar with, he is extremely skilled and gifted in the arena of business and boxing. Owner/Contenders Boxing, Co-Owner/2 Wicked Geese

  • tif

    Co-Founder: Tiffany Lundstrom

    Tiffany has over 20 years of experience in the TV industry with 10 times the passion. She is a great listener and runs at a fast pace always working every angle for her clients. She works hard to power through and find the solutions when the going gets tough. She’s a fearless team player with a never give up attitude. Executive Account Manager / KNDU TV

  • Alex headshot

    Tech Officer: Alexander Mooney

    Alex is the guardian of our web presence. We count on him to create and manage our electronic presence. He is a major ingredient in the Linkup2us "secret sauce". We all sleep better at night knowing that Alex is burning the midnight oil and making sure we are up and running. He's the owner of WP Visual Builder.

  • Danielle

    Danielle Kane: Educational Seminars

    Danielle is the is the Tri-Cities Marketplace Manager for the Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific. Among her community outreach duties, she partners with LINK to help educate our members on a variety of topics and works with us to coordinate informative business-oriented events. Day and night you can count on her to be working with small business owners. She is a champ at figuring out how to get business owners the updated information and resources needed to be successful. Youthful and energetic, she lives in “rush mode” and will absolutely be there for when your back is up against the wall. Danielle is based in Richland.

The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.